Alpine Info


Series V Owner’s Manual

Sunbeam Alpine Parts List Series 1 to Series V (small, but not complete)

Sunbeam Alpine Parts List Series 1 to Series V (small, searchable, but not complete)


Building a bulletproof Alpine by Rex Funk

Fire Extinguishers by Eric Smyder

Sunbeam Survivor – a collection of tech tips from TE/AE. (PDF version)

Tool Kit

Tool Kit article from SAOCA

Tool Kit article from TE/AE Rootes Review January 2011

Cooling System

Cooling Tiger & Alpine by Tom Ehrhart & Chuck King

Cooling Tiger & Alpine – Addendum by Tom Ehrhart & Chuck King

Cooling Tiger & Alpine Summary by Tom Ehrhart



Alpine Camshaft Interchangeability by George Matthis, Jr. – Using a 1725 camshaft in a 1592 motor.

Camshafts and Understanding the numbers – some camshaft comparisons, but note that the distances when valves are “open” and “closed” are not defined.

Engine Rebuilds

Rootes Engine Strip Down – a Rootes 1500 & 1725 engine rebuilding article from the magazine Practical Classics, published September 1980.


Vizard head modification – a collection of files (zip) provided by Jim Stone detailing the Vizard head modification process.

Low Oil Pressure / Oil Pressure Relief Valve

Relief Valve Modification – by Jarrid (a.k.a. RootesRacer)

Relief Valve Modification – by Tom Ehrhart

Series V OPRV (part 5043949) measurements – by Michael Hartman

Series V OPRV (part 5043949) drawing (autocad) – by Zack Kummer

Series V OPRV (part 5043949) drawing (jpeg) – by Zack Kummer


Castrol ZDDP Article – Rootes Review Feb 2009

Valve Adjustment by Tom Ehrhart

Fuel System

Fuel Shutoff Valve by John Logan – instructions for installing a fuel shutoff valve under the trunk.

Fuel Tank Cleaning & Sealing by Michael Hartman

Stromberg air filter label – a TIFF file if you want to make your own Stromberg air filter labels.

Stromberg carb service bulletin – provides an overview of the Stromberg operation and instructions for tuning.

Stromberg gaskets base gaskets – a JPEG file if you want to make your own Stromberg base gaskets

Stromberg complex gaskets – a JPEG file if you want to make your own Stromberg complex gaskets (used under the air filters & throttle plate)

Stromberg fuel tee replacement – how to make a brass replacement for the original plastic fuel tee

Zenith WIP Carburetors Rebuild – by Andrew Masse

Clutch & Propeller Shaft

Gearbox & Overdrive

Overdrive Gearbox Installation – A summary of the process I executed to replace the standard gearbox in my Alpine Series V with an overdrive gearbox.

Front Suspension

Shock Replacements by Dave Johnson

Rear Axle

Hub Pullers

Rear Suspension


Steering Wheel Hub Restoration by John Logan

Steering Wheel Restoration by Joe Parlanti


Brake bleeding via gravity by John Logan

Brake booster rebuild by Tom Ehrhart

Master cylinder springs by Tom Ehrhart – Inspect springs for wear when rebuilding master cylinders.

Wheels & Tires

Tire speed calculations – a spreadsheet to analyze RPMs versus speed given tire dimensions, axle ratio, and gearbox type.

Electrical System

Alternator Conversion by Tom Wiencek

Fog lamp circuit by Michael Hartman – hand sketch

Four Way Flasher circuit by Michael Hartman

Hitachi 14231 Alternator wiring by Thomas Hayden

Horn ring repair by John Logan

Horn Relay Circuit by Michael Hartman – the wiring changes are made behind the dash

Horn Relay Circuit by Alex MacGregor

Installing a horn relay on a Series V by Dan Levitin

Overdrive Relay Replacement by Thomas Hayden

Turn Signal Switch Adjustment by Tom Ehrhart

Wiper Wheelbox Lubrication by Tom Ehrhart

Wiring Series V – wiring diagram with color coded lines


Fuel Gauge Restoration by Joe Parlanti (from Rootes Review Sept 2012)

Fuel sender ground  by Michael Hartman – instructions for adding an explicit ground connection to a series V fuel sender

Fuel & temp gauges – by Michael Hartman  and Thomas Hayden – troubleshooting issues with series III, IV, V fuel and temperature gauges

Gauge Refurbishing – TR6 – the process documented applies to Alpine gauges as well

Repairing Jaeger & Smiths Speedometers by Anthony Rhodes

Speedo Rebuild by Larry Paulick

Tachometer Repair by Thomas Hayden

Sunbeam Alpine Gauge Inventory by Michael Hartman

Sunbeam Alpine Gauges – part numbers used for the gauges by Alpine series. The original source of this info was, but that site is no longer live.


Dash Refinish by Joe Parlanti

Dash Pad Installation  – instructions from Sunbeam Specialties

Dash Templates



DASH-Autometer v2.pdf


Alpine – Doors – the inside story by Chris Barker

Door Restoration by Joe Parlanti


Paint Chip Repair by Larry Paulick – details for a process to repair paint chips

APS Tower Paints – Paint spray cans & touch-up enamel bottles for original Rootes color codes.

Jan Servaites sells paint samples for Rootes colors. His e-mail is jservaites at

Powder Coating for the Amateur by Joe Parlanti

Seat Restoration by Joe Parlanti (from Tigers East / Alpines East)

Trunk Panel Replacement by Dan Cameron

Upper door finishers – series 2 – 3D scan by Bryan Carter (a.k.a. hockey sticks)

Windshield – Rootes Service Bulletin

Wiper Blade Replacements by Jim Anderson, John Logan, and Fred Baum

The Darkside (Installing a Ford 2.8L V6 into an Alpine)

DanR’s documentation and components for converting a Ford 2.8L V6 into an Alpine.

V6 Alpine weblog – A blog for converting a Ford 2.8L V6 into an Alpine.

V6 Articles Archive  – Archive of SAOCA Forum threads for 2.8L V6 conversion


Alpine 1592cc engine rebuild (Tim Raymond):

Rebuild notes – Notes to accompany the above rebuild video.

Alpine SIV Hub Seal Replacement (Tim Raymond):

Hub Seal Replacement notes – Notes to accompany the above hub seal replacement video.

Alpine Soft Top Stowage:

Alpine Rockers on a running engine:

Alpine Valve Adjustment:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Sunbeam Jingle:

Wheel bearing packing: